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Tuesdays twice a month Aikido cours d'armes 19:30 - 20:45 (frrom january 7th)
Discover an unique style!

Japanese calligraphy "Tsudefune" is a unique artistic style. The harmony and elegance of the lines create not only the aesthetic pleasure but also a transfer of millennial wisdom.


The drawn figures are ideograms, meaningful, poetic or philosophical, which bring an inner calm. One can feel a better being and a serenity of body and

of mind.


The benefit is immediate and extends outside the courses, in addition to your achievement to take away! Come visit my Instagram account: keiko_a_bordeaux

The Tsutefude Calligraphy

Tsutefude Calligraphy is a modern style of Japanese calligraphy. It's very easy to start, even if you do not know the kanji (Japanese characters). There is no need

special tools. It takes just a paper, a Japanese fountain pen and creativity.

Calligraphie japonaise Onoresho.jpg


Diplôme de Maître "Shihan"

de calligraphie japonaise style ONORESHO

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