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Diploma of Teaching Tea School Ceremony "Dai Nihon Chadou Gakkai (大 日本 茶道 学会)"

More than 25 years of practice

Diploma of Japanese as a Foreign Language

More than 5 years of teaching Japanese to Francophones.

More than 7 years of practice of Tsutefude Calligraphy.

Keiko Onishi was born in Tokyo. Since a young age she is passionate about Japanese culture. After a decisive meeting with her Master of Tea Ceremony at the college, she decides to start

to study this art. After years of practice of Chanoyu, but also of floral art, the art of kimono, calligraphy, Japanese cuisine, the art of wagashis, pottery and Japanese, she moved to France to broadcast and share his rich and unique experience of Japanese culture and philosophy.

Article du journal Sud Ouest du 15/09/2020

Cérémonie du Thé Japon à Bordeaux

Article du journal Sud Ouest du 15/11/2021

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