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5th Dan Aïkikaï
Ludovic Cauderan Aïkido Bordeaux.jpg
Ludovic Cauderan Aikido France

5th Dan Aïkikaï

Enseignant titulaire du diplôme d'État de la Jeunesse de l'éducation Populaire et des Sport

(DEJEPS), perfectionnement sportif. Brevet d'Etat 1er degré.

Membre de la FFAAA Fédération Française d'Aïkido Aïkibudo et Affinitaires. 5eme dan UFA.

Membre du Collège Technique Régional Nouvelle Aquitaine FFAAA.

Il enseigne au dojos de Mérignac Arlac, Bordeaux Tivoli, Martignas, Thalès Mérignac, Ariane St Médard, Union Saint Bruno

et dans l'école St Joseph de Tivoli à Bordeaux.

Ludovic CAUDERAN started Aikido in 1993.


He made a first experience in Japan for 2 months in 2000 and studied Japanese in Kyoto,

before coming back to finish his studies in France.

Then in 2002/2003 he stays in Japan for one year, with a Working Holiday visa to practice Aikido at Tokyo Aikikai.

He finally settled there in 2005 and will remain there for 15 years to deepen the study of Aikido.


During these 15 years, he practiced daily at Tokyo Aikikai, Aikido World Center, where he was able to meet great experts of the discipline. He especially studied closely with Master Yasuno Sensei 8th Dan, following him in his various dojos and internships national and international.


Back in France, in Bordeaux, since September 2019, you can find him in these dojos or advanced courses.



Article journal Sud Ouest 29/07/2021 :

Démonstration à l'Ambassadeur du Japon en France

Yasuno Sensei Aikido Japon
5th Dan Aïkikaï
Yasuno Sensei Aikikai de Tokyo
5th Dan Aïkikaï
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