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Cérémonie du Thé

The Ceremony

Tuesdays twice a month Aikido cours d'armes 19:30 - 20:45 (frrom january 7th)
Tuesdays twice a month Aikido cours d'armes 19:30 - 20:45 (frrom january 7th)
"Every day is a good day"

The Tea Ceremony has always been a great source for me

of interior flourishing.

Through this art one can study all Japanese culture in condensed form: traditional kimono, green tea, calligraphy, Ikebana, incense, Japanese cuisine, pottery, Zen ...

It is said that the Tea Ceremony is

the culminating art of Japanese culture.

I started when I was a student. I graduated from school: "Dai Nihon Chadou Gakkai (大 日本 茶道 学会)".

Article Sud Ouest : 

Discover the Chanoyu, better known as the tea ceremony.



The Tea Ceremony, also called the Tea Path (Vo の 湯), is a Japanese cultural and choreographic ritual of preparation and service of Matcha (抹茶), Japanese green tea powder.

The whole process of the ceremony is not drinking tea, but the generosity and connection with the guests of the ceremony to a high spiritual level.


The aesthetics of the ceremony is one of the most important parts to consider as the elegant preparation of a tea bowl for the guests is in fact a form of respect and a true friendship towards the people for whom the tea is prepared.

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Il y a quatre concepts clés que la cérémonie japonaise du thé honore et ces concepts sont "Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku".(和敬清寂/わけいせいじゃく)

  • "W/和" signifie l'harmonie dans la nature.

  • "Kei/敬" signifie respect. 

  • "Sei/静" signifie pureté. 

  • "Jaku/寂" signifie tranquillité. 


Diplôme de Maître de Cérémonie du thé

(Ecole Dainihon Chadou Gakkai) 


Diplôme de Wagashi master

à l’école Vogue Gakuen(2016)

Démonstration à Bordeaux chez "Un air de thé"
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